Here Are The Story Of This Great Man, Who Not Only Fixes Shoes But Fixes Soul Of Others

We often ignore people who inspire our souls. They will not be dressed in an Armani suit or will not get down from a Lamborghini. You won’t even know who they are because you will not find their names written boldly in newspapers. But, they are the ones who will inspire inner depths of your soul. I am happy I didn’t miss this great man.

He Was a Cobbler:

As I walk through the alleys of Connaught Place Delhi, a happening place with expensive and fancy things to attract your attention. A small corner caught my attention.

It was an old man sitting over there. The Cody sun was not enough to distract him from what he was doing. He was a cobbler, like others I too wanted to just pass by, but I couldn’t. Maybe, it was his conviction which stopped me right there. I stood at a corner and started watching him polishing shoes.

At times you often fear dejection by someone, and so did I. But after some time I gathered the courage to go and talk to him.

I went to him and said Namaste uncle Ji, he replied in the most humble way with a smile on his face Namaste. His reply scrapped my hesitation and I started asking him questions. Aapki Umar kya hai? I asked I was left astonished when I heard his reply!

His reply literally made me smile:

60 years 1 month and it will turn 2 months on this 27th July (his reply literally made me smile to the fullest). He continued further, my name is Amarchand I travel every day from Najafgarh by bus just to reach here. And I have been working in this corner for over 40 years now. Earlier I used to make shoes, but that small business went into loss. Instead, I started polishing them.

I have three sons, the elder one has his own shop of electrical products, the other one works in Dubai in hotels and the younger one is a Clerk in the Secretariat. All of them are earning quite well. I stay in my own house with my grandchildren and wife.

Why is he is a cobbler:

Like all of you, I was confused and it kept me thinking, why is he is a cobbler when he is financially satisfied? I couldn’t resist my inquisitiveness and asked instantly, then why are you doing this? He laughed and replied, my kids also tell me to rest at home. But I want to work, this is not my age to rest. He continues saying,

“People never fall sick when they are working, they fall sick when they stop working. Laziness becomes their disease and negativity fuels that disease. I want to work till I can, till my body functions, and I believe if I’ll keep working it´ll always keep functioning”.

I don’t polish shoes because I am poor, I do it because it keeps me occupied, it keeps me away from negativity. I started working when I was just 5. I was self-dependent at the age when kids crib in front of their parents. I want to be self-dependent till I am alive.

People might think, why a cobbler? Why polishing shoes every day? Why face rude replies of customers?I have answers for all of them!

A man who wasn’t able to rent a house and slept on streets is now the owner of two buildings. An illiterate man who never had the opportunity to enter the school has educated his kids. Isn´t these reasons enough to feel proud about what I did all my life?

“I respect my work. I raised my kids and educated them with the money earned from this, my house is built with the same money. Then, why should I be ashamed of my work?”.

A person like me who is lazy and avoid almost all the un-urgent things, and only works to fulfil the dream of a restful life later was inspired by this man from head to toe!

He literally changed the way I dream, the comforts I desired, the perception about my life! “He actually fixed my soul”.

I learned it is always necessary to keep working! No matter what age you are or how much you have earned. And the motive shall not be to earn money, but to earn satisfaction.“Working” is the best way to achieve tranquility and positivity in life.

His immense proud In his work taught me it doesn’t really matter what you do. “Your occupation won’t shape your life as much as your thinking about your occupation will do”.

Amarchand Cobbler

I Was Stunned!

After all the lessons I learned from him I was ready to leave, but after taking a few steps I realized I should tell him about the story I’ll write on him. I was sure that he´ll be happy.

I rushed back and told him that I’ll write a story on him, his reply again made me drown into thoughts!

“Please, I request that my picture and story should not come on television. My kids are actually not fine with me being a cobbler, their friends don’t know what their father does. They’ll be ashamed in front of people”

I was stunned! I had nothing to say. I just smiled and walked back. The man who can inspire people fears this society! It is not actually his fault, the reason behind his answer was “us”.

We make the society, his son´s friends make the society. And we are a society who judge people by the brands of their clothes, by the language they speak, by their appearance!

Which can inspire us”:

For us, someone having pounds in his accounts is a successful gentleman. And only he has a struggle which can inspire us. So he certainly deserves our un-needed over empathetic behaviour.

But what about people like Amarchand with such an undying spirit? Why their struggle is not worthy of our time? why are we ashamed of what our parents do?

I guess being pretentious has become the new way of life for us. But let´s change, if not for ourselves then for everyone like Amarchand. Let´s get rid of this second skin and be the real person what we are inside our hearts!

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