A Muslim guarding a Hindu temple by breaking all barriers of religion and worshiping only HUMANITY and FAITH :

This man astonished every one with his description of peace and is an example which the younger generation needs to acknowledge.We often see people fighting and back lashing each other to prove themselves and their religion buffer and the others beneath. And we all have become accustomed to such responses especially when it comes to our neighboring country Pakistan. The media heats the tension and political gimmicks intensify the confrontations. But in-between all of that, it is important to see what’s in the heart of our countrymen across the borders.

I am a Muslim guard in Hindu temple:

I am Afzal and I always wear a Tilak on my forehead. And I am the permanent guard here at the Hindu Temple in Lahore, Pakistan. People find it weird. Sometimes they even find me disloyal and dishonest to my religion and to my country. But my Allah knows that it can never happen, it’s just that I believe in humanity. I have always been taught by my elders that all religions are equal and no religion teaches hatred. It is us who interpret these sacred texts in our own ways, so it serves our selfish motives.It is been years now working in this Hindu Temple, I have become familiar with their rituals and traditions. When I started working here it took some time to be comfortable. But soon, I became a known face among the Bhakts and Purohits of this temple. We all treat each other like brothers and sisters, taking prasad and being a part of the Aarti is my daily routine. I am in harmony with all of the people, places, and things that surround me in this temple. I also make sure to never miss my Namaz, I respect both the religions. And protecting this temple is my duty as a guard and as a human.

Why a Hindu temple?

Sometimes people also tell me to change my job as I can be a security guard somewhere else, then why a Hindu temple? I just smile because I have faith in each and every word that is said. I believe that two conflicting forces cannot exist in one human heart. “When doubt reigns, faith cannot abide when hatred rules love is crowded out”. If you truly claim to be a religious person then you must respect all religions equally

A responsibility towards change –

“We all have surrounded ourselves with hatred while praying for peace to our own God, what an irony” (laughs). We need to know that the turmoil in the world that we are experiencing is a result of our collective consciousness. And if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility of creating it.

A statistics of religions of the world that has separated US:

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Here are some Muslim celebrities who gained popularity with Hindu name :

  • Dilip kumar : Muhammad Yusuf Khan
  • Ajit : Hamid Ali Khan
  • Madhubala : Mumtaz Jehan
  • Sanjay khan : Shah Abbas Khan

We need to understand that Wars and Bloodshed will never end until the thought of “My religion is better than your religion”, insanity stops.




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