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About her:

Born in 1984, Devika has traveled across many Indian cities since she hails from a defence background. She began writing poems in 1997 and has continued her passion for writing till date. She believes ‘work is fun’ and after switching several profiles in her professional journey, she is finally satisfied with the profile of Content Writing (currently has 3 years of relevant experience).

    How did you begin your journey as an Author?

I did not set out to be an author. I hail from a defence background and I have traveled to a lot of places, thus, I did my graduation and then a MBA from different cities. But upon landing a corporate job, I realized this is not what I want to do.

So, naturally I decided to drop out. But it wasn’t easy – I remained unemployed for 6 months which was the most uncomfortable phase of my life. I could not sit idle and I was in a lot of distress about what I wanted to do and quitting my job was a bold as well as a rough decision.

After this, I decided to see which profile fits me best and for this, I changed 6 jobs in 4 years. Now I am a content writer for almost 3 years and I have never been happier. But it has been a hard phase, especially because I had to face a lot of pressure to not make a career change.

   How did you react and cope up with the parental/ peer pressure?

I was initially in a very confused state, even went into depression, especially around the time of my unemployment, in those 6 months. It was a troubling phase because I did not like my work and this is a deviation from the normal.

There is a constant expectation, especially from women, to stick to the conventional. But one does not have to necessarily stick to what is the common notion of ‘right’ – and this is my learning from this difficult phase.

Parents want the best for us but sometimes they force us to conform to ‘safe’ norms. It can get suffocating for many, that is why we need to break through the shackles to discover ourselves.


   How did you find the inspiration to base your book on the topic of marriage?

I have been writing from an early age, in fact, I wrote my first poem on martyrs of the Kargil War. But to write on marriage came from the immediate pressure of being single in a big city. There is a lot of pressure on women – to get married to a stranger, at the right age, at the right time. This also leads to a lot self-image issues.

I believe many people are getting married because of the societal pressure and there is absolutely no trust and they get married without knowing each other very well and then for a lifetime they go on compromising. This is not what marriage is and this is precisely why I chose to express myself about the issue.

But please understand, I am not against marriage. In fact, I say it is essential as an emotional need for people. We all have our parents and we are emotionally attached to them. But after our parents, who else? People don’t understand that getting married and having a life partner is essential for our emotional release and support.

    Your views on Marriage are a little different from the mainstream and have generated some          criticism. How doyou respond to that?

I have formed my views through experience of probably the toughest phases of life. So, I take criticism as part of the process and accept the negative as well as the positive. In fact, criticism from the audience is appreciated.

For me, writing was like an inquest, most of the time the journey gets adventurous

 What is the advice you would like to give to first-time authors?

Well first I would say congratulations for taking this step.

Many first-time authors face the challenge of hiring a publisher or getting self-published. The popular publishing houses make you wait, there is a waiting period from anywhere from 6 months to a year, or even longer. But the good side is that you get professional editors, copy writers and designers for your book.

Whereas, self-publishing means that you can retain the essence of your expression but it also means that you cannot divide the work. So, this choice is always a gamble.

Other than that, my advice will be to pick your passion – write what you are passionate about. And if you haven’t chosen a writing style yet then I suggest you begin writing a blog first. You should clearly communicate your ideas and express yourself.

Above all find the time to write and be happy. Like earlier I cannot stress it enough – do what you like, it’s the only important thing in life.

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