Gauresh Bakane

Only 17 years old Gauresh Bakane has published a love story based novel , his story based on romantic suspense thriller :

Life Gets you at too many ends but every end is a new beginning.this young boy is only 17 and has published a love story based novel, while still in high school. His influence keeps growing, in larger part thanks to his dedication.

Gauresh’s story basically talks about Love and Friendship.

A romantic suspense thriller and a story of the lives between Avni, Aashi, Dhruv and Manav, their journey and the situations of lives they go through.

Being just a student of boards and a teenage belonging to the rural area of Central Maharashtra, it was difficult and challenging for him to overcome all obstacles.The determination was everything he had to himself. Finally, he can now say that he has proved and inspired many people. People who are willing to think and do things out of the box but fail to do so due to lack of resources, Gauresh has been an inspiration to all of them .

This was the major challenge he faced..

With kids of his age, parents often tend to keep track on what their child’s main interest lies upon. None of the parents would wish to encourage their kids to deviate from their studies especially at the peak of one’s academicals stage. Being in the 12th grade his parents wanted Gauresh to be a bookworm who would dive in the world of books (academically). And he knew this from the very beginning, therefore, he preferred to keep this talent hidden and made a fixed schedule for himself.

He attended college from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. as college was 13 km away so he needed to arrive 30 mins ahead of time. After college, Gauresh would directly go for coaching which was 5 km away. From 3-7 p.m. after coaching got over, he would come back home at 8  after a tiring 12 hour of survival outdoors. His study hours used to be up to 12 midnight for 2-3 hours, once he was done with studying then that was the time which he devoted to writing.

He completed a novel in only 4 weeks

His dedication to this novel used to be 3-4 hours daily. By giving his body a rest for 3-4 hours, he managed to complete his book within a span of 4 weeks.

Gauresh famous novel: ”beginning of the end ” (Fiction book)

When talked about inspiration, this is what Gauresh had to say, “I won’t say I was inspired by someone but rather I would say I was motivated by my own self. Being a frequent reader of books and a lover of words I felt like starting my own imaginary story and hence started writing a book of my own”.

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  • In only 17 he published first novel.
  • His first novel was “Beginning of the End”
  • He belongs to the rural area of Central Maharashtra
  • He was rejected many times because of his young age

At a very young age, Gauresh himself in need of advice, but when asked if he had any pieces of advice he wanted to share, “first of all, I would like to congratulate and thank the younger generations for thinking out of the box”.If you are in your teenage and have thought to do something which has never been done before then congratulations, you are already far away from the world of grades and trend.

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Lastly, I want to say to all the readers, “If you want to start something great, start it now. If you want to write a book, write it now. Be the first to be the last. Explore yourself, dive within and start executing. If you want to write, write for yourself. If you want to paint, paint for yourself. If you want to do something, do it for yourself. Never expect readers or others to appreciate you. Even though you fail, remember you have failed in a particular task, not in life. Failure is just the beginning of a great start. For you this book denotes “Beginning of the End,” but for me, it is just an “End of my Beginning”.



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