Here is the very Inspiring Story of para cricketer. He fulfilled the dream of becoming a cricketer, despite losing both hands in childhood.

Amir Hussain is a Para Cricketer from a remote district, Anantnag in Kashmir. When he was just 8, both his arms got severed in an accident in his father’s sawmill. Ever since his life has been a struggle for education, for his dreams, and now for his training. From a young age, Amir was extremely passionate about cricket and learnt to bat and throw a ball with his neck, shoulders and toes. His determination has led him to the path of extraordinary achievement. He became captain of State para-cricket team of Jammu and Kashmir at just 26!

Q. Please tell us about your childhood since the accident. How did you recover from the emotional damage?

I was eight years old and I brought my dad lunch in our sawmill which manufactured cricket bats. It was normal routine, my brother and I used to bring my father lunch in the day and then we used to play around the mill. That day, I was playing with a machine and both my arms got stuck in it.

After that, I do not remember much as for the next three years I was in and out of hospitals. The recovery was long and painful and I only had my parents for support. My father lost everything eventually, the mill, his business – just to pay my medical bills. Many people told my father to end my life out of mercy. I remember being depressed a lot, but my mother and especially my grandmother encouraged me and shaped my attitude to never give up hope.

Q. How did you cope up with depression and the keep up with your education in school and college?

My family encouraged me to go to school and be social. But the experience was very hard for me. I was a bright child, but going to school after the accident was hard. The teachers did not know how to teach me and the students often made fun of me. The school lacked special facilities. Since I am from a small district in Kashmir, we do not have such provisions.

I often got sent home from school, in middle of the day, but my grandmother encouraged me and even taught me at home. College was better, I made friends and they were sensitive towards me. But by then, I had understood that I had to be independent and I could not go on being dependent on my family.

My existence felt like a burden and I decided to learn how to do everything, using my feet. I dress myself, bath myself – I even eat by myself. I learnt to write with my toes, hold tea cups and even throw a ball.


Observe his CAPABILITIES and make him inspire you every day

Q. How did you find the inspiration to play and coach cricket?

From teenage, I have loved cricket. I used to watch it on my neighbours’ TV. Once during the World Cup, all of us from the neighbourhood were sitting together, when I abruptly got sent home. I couldn’t do anything about it, I was used to being sent away – I got chased away from places a lot. So, I watched the match from a crack in the window sill because Sachin Tendulkar was batting – I couldn’t miss it! He has always been my idol.

I have always aspired to play cricket and I was determined to not let my disability come in the way. I then learnt how to play, batting with the bat between my shoulders and neck, and balling with my toes.

Q. How did you encourage other players to play for the J&K Para Cricket team?

When I was in college, one of my professors saw me playing cricket and gave me the idea to try out for the Para Cricket team. But the team was almost disbanded when I came to know about it. I had to encourage players to join and train.

With a lot of hard work and patience we used to practice every day, without any proper equipment and safety gear. We did not even have a coach. I used to help my fellow players and encourage them and maybe that is why they opted for me to be Captain of the team. I consider it a great honour.

But our effort paid off when we won many state tournaments and beat other teams. This is when we got recognition from the media and they interviewed me.

Q. What are your plans for future of your game and career?

I want to keep playing and I want to grow. We play without any professional equipment or coaches, I want to change that, I want my team to grow with me and I want to keep working on my game. I am just 26 and I envision myself playing for the national team.


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