Real life motivational story of this women, who is blind but never giving up… 

I am a Delhite, pursuing MBA HRD from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. An enthusiast team player and a hard worker dedicated to fulfilling responsibilities. I have an inclination toward music, socializing and exploring places. My aim is to make work environment inclusive and congenial for all in which ever company I will work. I possess soft and analytical skills and aim to have a secure and stable career. Most of the time I follow my heart and not my mind which is a reflection of my cheerful and affectionate nature

Q. Tell us about your childhood. Did you like going to school?

I was born in November 1994. When I was just about 3 months old, my parents discovered about my disability. It was quite challenging for them to bring me into the main stream.Till the 2nd grade, I got an opportunity to study in the National Association for Blind where I learned Braille, Mobility and Soft skills.
After which I got my admission done in Blue Bells School International. My teachers were very cooperative and welcoming. I had few friends in school, they used to help me in whatever ways they could.

Q.Did you have many friends who were helpful and sensitive to you? How did you cope up with bullies?

I had four best friends in school. Till my 10th grade, we all were in the same section and we used to have a lot of fun together. They helped me academically and made sure I was never lagging behind. Fortunately, no bullying was done by anyone in school either. Everyone was accepting and supportive enough.
But in 11th grade, since I chose Commerce as my stream and my friends chose Science stream, we got separated to different sections. It was difficult for me at first, learning to manage alone, but with time and support from my teachers, I learned to be independent.

I chose not to place ‘dis’ in my ability

Q. Have you ever felt put down because of your disability? Felt less capable than other people?

I have never thought that I was incapable of doing anything.

Rather, I’d say I am differently abled and through God’s grace I have been showered with many blessings and affection. I am extremely proud to have achieved all that I have and will continue to keep moving forward with the same zeal.

Q.How do you overcome difficult times or depression?

I have learnt that whenever there is some problem; always find a solution to overcome it. Rather than just panicking or losing hope, always try to find a practical solution to all problems, because they can always be solved!
For instance, when I was in 11th grade, my school refused to offer me Commerce stream with Maths as an additional subject. They were under the impression that I should opt for Political Science because Maths was way too tough for me to cope up.

Ironically, Maths was my favorite subject and studying Commerce without Maths was not of much interest to me. Thus, I decided to stick to my decision to opt for Maths. My parents convinced my teachers and helped them understand how they were supposed to teach the concepts to me.
Although, attempting to study Maths without much material was quite challenging, but somehow I managed to score well in my boards with the support of my parents and teachers.

Q.In College, how do you deal with people who are insensitive or treat you with pity?

I was lucky to get admission in Shri Ram College of CommerceUniversity of Delhi and now I am studying in Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.
SRCC was very supportive. They have well-equipped resource centers and NSS wing which used to cater to our needs. I never felt lonely. My friends and teachers always stood by my side. People were quite helpful in DSE as well.
I haven’t felt that anyone pities me. But if someone faces such situation I would suggest him not to feel low and lonely, instead, he should be explained it to his friends that he does not want any favor or any sympathy. He just needs a little bit of help. We should all understand that different people have different needs and there are different ways to fulfill them.

Q.What are your future aspirations?

After completing MBA, I aspire to work in a reputed PSU or SBI or RBI and want to make work environment congenial and inclusive for all. After which, PhD few years down the line I would pursue my career with LLB Ph.D.

Q.A message for the youth and your friends who might read this interview?

Come what may! Just follow your dreams and success will be at your doorstep. You just need to be clear about what you want to achieve and then just go for it!

Behaviour towards failure is just a paradox of life. My journey so far has been remarkable and I hope the continuity remains.

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