Meet This Beautiful lady Gursimran, She Is an Entrpreneur and Dancer, And she has own business for women clothing and accessories and she runs free dance class also..

About Her,

My name is Gursimran and I am an entrepreneur. I run a dance academy for underprivileged children and a business for women clothing and accessories. Previously I have worked with Ernst & Young for about 3 years and with Teach for India for 2 years. I stay in Delhi with my family and I love my family and I love making a difference.

Q. How did you come across the idea of Fly Dance Foundation?

Previously, I was volunteering for Teach for India, in my college days, and for two years I worked with underprivileged children. I taught them English, Maths and Science gradually I learnt that they had a great enthusiasm for dancing, but unfortunately, they could not afford to learn dance in an institute.

So, I decided to teach dance to these children free of cost on the weekends and this is how seed for Fly Dance Foundation was sown. Dance was the only thing that could give these children their childhood back.

I had to put in a lot of research in the areas these children belong to and find out if there were any academies which offered the kind of opportunities I had in mind. And after a lot of effort and support from friends, I finally opened FLY Dance Foundation, a dance academy for kids who come from low-income families.

Q. How is your initiative different from the others?

Fly Dance Foundation has the motto of Dancing with a Difference. We aim to build a safe and exploitation-free environment for these kids, where they can open up to their creative side and have a real childhood.

We have over 70 children enrolled with Fly Dance Foundation, all are from low income families, and each session is an opportunity for them to learn and have fun. This boosts their cognitive power and give them the space to be their happy selves.

The instructors at Fly are very well established dancers with their own companies and studios and yet they agreed to contribute their time and energy for my cause. The studio is driven by people who volunteered to support me and these children, by donating their time and knowledge.


Dancing is what she gives to these underprivileged children to relive their childhood

Q.How has the crowdfunding campaign helped you take Fly forward?

Crowdfunding was a new concept for me, but it opened up many avenues for Fly. Fly really took off after the crowdfunding campaign with Desired Wings.

Firstly, it gave me a sense of financial independence and security. It gave Fly the funds to maintain the studio and train the children along with organizing performances for them. Other than that, the main help came when we got press coverage.

Many instructors reached out to us themselves after reading about our campaign, which gave us a push which we were waiting for.

Q. Did you have to face any struggles on the personal front due to your passion for Fly?

I was young and inexperienced when I became passionate about taking Fly forward and materializing the idea into a concrete initiative. Initially my parents were not so supportive, they did not want me to make any life decisions which would put my career at a risk.

This made the initial phase tough for me. I had to do go beyond my comfort zone to start Fly. Now those concerns don’t exist anymore. I have come a long way and my parents have seen the progress that Fly has made. They have become accepting and enthusiastic and are proud of me and my choice.

Q. What does the future hold for Fly Dance Foundation?

At present, we have over 70+ children who regularly come for our dance sessions. We are spread over 3 locations which are Tughlakabad, Gurgaon and Dwarka.

We aim to have to open Fly in 2 more locations by January 2017. In a year from now, I see Fly as a global initiative.

Q. What message would you like to send across to our readers?

My experience has taught me one thing, that is to always follow your heart.

I had no clue about how I would take my idea forward, I wasn’t even sure of the name! But I just went for it. I had a choice – to settle for the mainstream, get a job in an MNC or chase my dream. And I choose my dream.

Today my work excites me. I get to meet new people and explore endless possibilities for the future of Fly.

So, I will only say follow your heart and make the choice.

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