About her:

Garima has pursued her from I.P University. She believes in doing things differently and going against stereotypes. While juggling several exams & assignments during her final year, she founded a Content & SEO company. Driven by undying passion for writing and marketing, she is currently the Business Development and Content Strategy head at ViralCurry.

Q. How did you begin your journey in entrepreneurship?

During my college years when I was pursuing engineering, my friend and I started freelancing from home. We used to provide content and web design for firms. This is around 2010 – 11, when content writing was still not so recognized. Gradually after a few months our work load increased and we had to hire volunteers who would help us write and design.

We operated from my friend’s home – and it wasn’t a very fancy setting either. Us and the volunteers, just sitting day after day, brainstorming, writing, pushing out work. That was my introduction to entrepreneurship.

Q. From your college freelance days to ViralCurry – how did that happen?

In 2012, we had started a platform for light-hearted content, like ScoopWoop, which came out in 2013. But back then we did not know that this idea could be a hit, so we gave the domain and did not take it further. Now I see it as a learning because had we continued – our portal could probably be as big as ScoopWoop or its contemporaries. But it all comes as part of the process.

Eventually, in 2013, my friend and I decided to quit our jobs and start our own firm. Quitting my job was the toughest decision I made, but I had to start my own firm.

Initially, we did free campaigns for Cbazar, Lenzkart, 91 Spring Boards just to get a head start in the industry. Suddenly, one day, we get to know that our content went viral. Maybe it was luck, but we got press coverage from the likes of Economics Times. It was then we decided to form ViralCurry and steadily, from then on, the workload increased. We have more than 50+ clients now.

Q. But it must not have been all rainbows and smiles, tell us about the struggles you had to face?

Even before it was a success and even now, it is always a struggle and always will be. The first year was extremely hard, we did not have any revenue. After some brand building, whatever little we earned we used to invest it back into the business.

My matra has always been very clear to me – Concentrate on providing quality and it will always pay off. Back in 2011, when I used to freelance in college, I made providing quality content my priority. All my volunteers knew it too, maybe that is why we have done well today. And somewhere in this process, I was nominated for CMO Asia Award in 2015 which was truly tremendous.


Q. What are your future goals for ViralCurry?

My aim is not to scale to level where we operate with 100+ employees, no! My aim is to keep providing the quality of content we provide today. I have always believed that you can’t replicate the quality of work someone does, if you have quality then success will automatically follow.

Today we can easily reach the best in the industry and work for them, but my aim is to give our best in whatever we do. For me, consumer satisfaction is my top priority.

Q. What would you like to say to all the upcoming entrepreneurs as a word of advice?

Well, it sounds a little cliché, but it’s true – Don’t give up.

If you have your own Start Up or are in the launching stage of one, be sure that you’ll be facing many difficult situations. You will feel out of place, you will be looked down upon by maybe your relatives, friends and will even see other people your age earning more than you. But don’t give up.

From my personal experience, my parents did not tell our relatives that I had my own business till 2015, when I started making good progress. Our parents aren’t wrong; they just prefer less risky opportunities for us.

Even if you have a blog or home service or anything, just remember two things. One, consumer satisfaction is the most important for any business, provide quality and keep your customers happy. Two, be prepared beforehand. It is not an easy journey, and after the initial phase challenges may be different but they will remain challenges.

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