Meet This two Alpha Kids: Both Are Best Friends.They Recited His Daily Story Of Life With a Smile On His Face.

 Ajay and Salman two young kids who are still waiting to enter their teenage but are mature enough to understand the importance of education. But, their maturity supersedes the grown up´s when they talk about improving the financial condition of their families. they both are best friend also.


Whenever you go somewhere:

You may go for a party or a hang out at Connaught place, and unfortunately, you will end up ignoring these two Alpha kids who polish shoes every day. Talking to them inspired the depths of my heart and broadened my understanding of struggles in life. Getting to know about their routine totally made me understand what a busy life seems like.

We leave home everyday at 06:00 am, and attend our school from 07:00 in the morning. It is quite hard to manage the timings. I also need to earn for my families, our fathers are daily wage labourers, Maa´ is suffering from serious ailments. We need money for our sustenance and for Maa´s treatment. I have two younger siblings and I want to ensure that they receive a smooth education unlike me.

This is why I cannot afford to miss a day at CP. We pay four thousand to rent a small corner so that we can keep our shoe box here. Missing a day here means loss of money and possibly sleeping with a half filled stomach. 

After finishing our work we leave by 8:00 p.m. and reach home by 10:00 p.m.

Simply because we polish shoes together is no reason for us not to dream big

Best Friends:

Apart from everything I am just happy that Salman is there with me all the time, we are best friends and he is 12 years old. I love being with him because he understands my position better than anyone. Our struggles are same, and our spirit to continue education is also the same, so I learn a lot from him.

Salman´s mother works as a domestic help and his father is still searching for some work, his addiction to alcohol has made his family’s life a little harder. Salman was always passionate about studies, but sending him to a school was quite an expensive affair for his mother. So Salman decided to earn and then study, he lives nearby my home and that is why our parents allowed us to go to school. They told us to be together all the time because it turns dark when we reach home. And since our first day at school, we have always been together. People here in CP think that we are brothers and we never correct them because we really are “Brothers”.

Rude replies makes us cry:

When we started polishing shoes in CP we were very sad to see how customers behave with us. Every time we polished someone´s shoe their rude replies makes us cry. You tell me, Didi, how can any kid be happy polishing shoes (he asked me)?

But we both are happy for the fact that at least we are getting what we wanted and that is Education!

I believe our struggle is a journey to be able to stand on the other side of the stall. But even if we will, we will never treat the other person badly. Because, unlike others, we realize that the person sitting on the other side is not an idiot, neither a procrastinator of work. But is a person who chose to work hard rather than easily dooming into depression

Ajay smilingly

The innocence and maturity of these two kids left me amused and highly inspired.

This small tale of undying, unflinching determination and true friendship was hard to discover, but will definitely live in my memory forever.

Here is India poverty profile in info graphic:

painful fact

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