Ajay Verma

Here Is Very Short story Of This Boy, Who Changed life With Hard Work:

Selling candies is a peripheral thing for me as we should always keep ourselves busy, the core motive to visit this market every day is to make new friends, see new faces each day.

I am a polio diagnosed:

I like the aura here, seeing people all around makes me feel that I am also a part of this momentous life and owing to this lovely crowd, I forget that I am polio diagnosed.

My mother was against my decision to work, though she has been the ‘Diya’ of my life, here, my own values didn’t allow me to enslave myself to these conditions.

A free smile on streets is a holy destination for many of his journeys and a remedy to his disease

I had to live anyway, so I chose to live in the best possible way, and by God’s grace, even she agreed. I knew that I will not get a job, but the motive is to work and spread happiness. While talking about happiness, what strikes our heart is ‘candies’. Yes, I sell each candy with a free smile and the profit I expect is the same in return. Because this is the sole reason for every life, every living being seeks happiness in their own way, but a smile will surely supplement your happiness, no matter who and where you stand.

People used to ignore me:

It’s been 10 years since I am visiting Sector 22, and I have fallen for this place. Earlier people used to ignore me, some would think of me as a usual beggar. These reactions pierced my heart, but everyone is free to believe whatever they want to, you cannot control life, not even yours. Those were the moments where I wished I could speak normally and make them aware of my reality. All I could do was give them a candy in return along with a billion blessings. It took quite a long time to inculcate my reality in the crowd. But now, being addressed as a friend by many, it gives me peace and makes me feel special.

People click picture with me:

I am not a celebrity but still people click pictures with me. I relish the feel that they address me as their “friend”. I don´t know their names, but I´ll remember their faces and their smiles.

Being a reason for their smile, makes my life worth.

I travel every day from Ambala to Chandigarh, people often ask me why do I travel so far? Where do I get the courage from? With a smile, I reply, “I never travel particularly to reach here. For every place I see smiling faces, that becomes my destination”. I stop here because I have friends. “Friends who don’t know me, neither do I”.

A happy life is not about being rich, or how much money you make, It is about how many smiles you spread.

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