Indrakant Jha

I punched farming at the age 5 when other kids were busy playing games, whereas I helped my father in the fields. Not because I liked my little feet logged in the mud, but because I had to.

Live hood Was Hard:

We were a nine member family, so maintaining livelihood was hard. I never understood after working so hard why we were still so downtrodden? Suffering for food every day, why can´t we live like normal families? Hard work happens to be the key to success, then why farmers were committing suicides? Even after working so hard. As I grew up, I realized that “farming is the art of losing money while working 400 hours a month”.

In such indurated circumstances, where sustenance was hard, “Education” was a dream for me. The only school available was in desolates of my village. Most of the families chose not to send their kids to school, so did mine.

Maybe that wasn’t the area which they were hesitated of; they knew the dearth of finance at home. But still, my passion for education didn’t let me accept the destiny as it was. I told my father that I will work on dhabas or anywhere from where I´ll get money. But I wanted to pursue my education. My innocent request and determination were enough to convince my father. He borrowed some money from Saahukaar and got me admitted to the only school in the village. And I became one of those few kids who joined school!

Walking for more than 2 miles a day to reach the school on sharp small stones without any shoe or slipper hurt my feet. I often reached home with bleeding toes. But opting out of school was no option for me. “I would always choose hard education over illiteracy”, and that’s what I did.

Accomplishment of your goals is feeding the purpose of life

I Used To Cry For Days:

Somehow I managed to complete my 10th standard after which I had to discontinue schooling due to financial problems and the idea was to quit and let my younger siblings continue their education. I used to cry for days but I had no option, I had to sacrifice it all for them. So I took that decision and dropped out of school with a heavy heart.

A major change that was waiting to shape my life occurred! When a response to my application for a job in the Army arrived!

Very Delightful Moment Of My Life:

I received a perfectly sealed creased letter of appointment from the Indian Army. I will never forget that delightful moment in my life. My mother had tears of happiness in her eyes, my father was proud after a long time, and my siblings hoped that they won’t have to leave education now. And for me, it was not just a letter for a job. It was an opportunity to serve my nation, my motherland.

The Army is a tough place to survive. The training is so hard that half the cadets leave it in during the mid-way. It was tough for me also. To inculcate that discipline is hard for everyone but all that hard work had its results.

They train you to be committed, they train you to be responsible, they train you to stay strong. They teach you selflessness, as army men always put their fellow soldiers ahead of them.

I had undergone my training in Sikandarabad for two years. After which I was assigned to the post of a Fitter, and my job was to repair white motorcycles used in the Air Force. I received ₹ 39 for that job. My second posting was in Ahmed Nagar followed by three years of training. After the completion of my training, I was placed in 39 Medium Regiment.

And then the moment arrived when I fought for our nation during the INDO-CHINA 1962 war. This moment made my life worth living. I know, bloodshed is awful, but to save the dignity of our nation, I could sacrifice my life whenever needed.

I received promotions to the rank of Subedar and later Naib Subedar. My last two postings were in Lal Qila, Delhi, and Srinagar.

After serving in the army for over 28 years, I voluntarily retired from the Army.

I Had Suffered Major losses:  

I just couldn’t sit at home and see my kids suffering just the way I had to during my childhood. So I started a small Kirana shop. But as an ex-service man, I had the opportunity of receiving a mother dairy outlet. I thought now my life will take a turn to prosperity. And then this happened!

That business suffered major losses! I was upset, confused and disturbed. I saw my kids struggling. My friend then suggested me to start a garage, but as the period of industrialization was on a rapid growth. I decided to invest in the business of property materials.

I had to invest every single penny I received from retirement into the business of property materials and that decision was the utmost dicey decision of my life, that decision could’ve turned my life worse.

But then, I had to take a decision, and I took it!

Fortuitously, the most jeopardous decision gave my life a complete turnaround and I became a person “from rags to riches” (sighs).

I believe the “fear of failure fences your courage to try new things in life” and I thought it is better to die than to try and overcome the complex life that I had rather than giving my children the sort of life I lived.

I guess through all the hard times, “that was the spirit of a soldier who never died”. Surviving in the army is difficult but the period spent there will always help you, as it helped me.

Just remember, “Keep working hard, never lose hope and never quit, if you are a quitter, you can never be a winner. Don’t settle with destiny, because sooner or later it will reward you”.

My Entire Journey Experience:

“My entire journey has been a remarkable learning experience. I cherish the feeling when I started my caravan from being a worker to a leader and now a successful businessman. Life will always challenge you and one can surely succeed if you decide to never quit. You just need to unleash the AlphaIndian in you, just the way I did (smiles)”.

“I have spent my life like a fighter, and I will continue to live like this till my last breath”.

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